Apollo 11 Moon Landing Windows

Since it was the 50th Anniversary of the Apollo Moon Landing on June last year, we created a couple of windows at the time, to celebrate this astounding achievement...We posted these all over Facebook, Instagram and Twitter but didn't chat about them in here, so let's put that right...this was one of our most memorable… Continue reading Apollo 11 Moon Landing Windows

30th Birthday Celebrations at The Kew Bookshop

As you may all know, The Kew Bookshop celebrated its 30th Birthday last weekend, which is definitely no mean feat in these uncertain times ! So we decided to celebrate with the people of Kew. Come and see the many photos we took during the two day celebrations...        Cakes galore - and… Continue reading 30th Birthday Celebrations at The Kew Bookshop

‘THE TESTAMENTS’ by Margaret Atwood

'The Testaments' by Margaret Atwood, her long awaited follow-up to 'The Handmaid's Tale' was published today !! Our window was installed at The Kew Bookshop in advance, on Saturday morning - here are some pics: The Saturn V rocket base tubes from our Apollo Moon landing windows were re-used along with a couple of Art… Continue reading ‘THE TESTAMENTS’ by Margaret Atwood


The Kew Sparkle event was fantastic last night - our little bookshop at Kew was simply rammed with people, all quaffing wine, sampling tasty treats from two cookbooks, and buying lots of booky presents !! We had not one but TWO authors in, signing copies of their respective books - Alex T. Smith signed his… Continue reading KEW SPARKLE EVENT 2018


ILLUSTRATED WINDOWS:- This week, we've had visits from two lovely children's Author/Illustrators, one at each shop, in order to give our children's windows a bit of a paint-job:- Come and see... 1. AT THE SHEEN BOOKSHOP At the Sheen Bookshop, we were privileged to have the children's author / illustrator Rosie Wellesley visit to give… Continue reading ILLUSTRATED WINDOWS AT THE SHEEN BOOKSHOP AND THE KEW BOOKSHOP

Wellcome Book Awards

WELLCOME BOOK AWARDS: The 'Incurably Curious' Window Display   We are delighted to be supporting the amazing Wellcome Book Awards for Best Science Books of the Year 2018 - all six shortlisted finalists are featured in our window along with various sciency bits and bobs - microscope, telescope, globe, large fossils, molecular models, etc, etc... … Continue reading Wellcome Book Awards


SPRING COMES TO KEW & SHEEN... With all this snow around at the moment, we thought we'd give the two shops a taste of Spring which will eventually arrive - so our Easter windows have gone in - here's the Kew window:- Some close-up details:- Here's the Sheen Bookshop window - a much bigger shop… Continue reading SPRING WINDOWS !!