Display Competition winners !!

Window Display Competition winners !! You will all be delighted to learn that The Kew Bookshop came 1st in the Bluets window competition, and not only that, The Sheen Bookshop came in 2nd !! How about that for two windows that were worked on and entered independantly of each other ?!!   Well done to… Continue reading Display Competition winners !!

WEDNESDAY 24th & THURSDAY 25th MAY - BOOK LAUNCH:- THE VALENTINE HOUSE by EMMA HENDERSON We are pleased to announce our first Dual Book Launch Event at the Kew & the Sheen Bookshops on Wednesday 24th May at Kew and Thursday 25th at Sheen, both events are starting at 6.30pm. £2 entry fee, but the… Continue reading

Classic Fiction

'ANNA KARENINA' by Leo Tolstoy:- Anna Karenina is not just about Anna Karenina. Her story – romantic, desperate, tragic – is twinned with the seemingly more prosaic life story of Konstantin Levin. Like Pierre in War and Peace, Levin is an awkward, lovable character, born into comfort but nonetheless uncomfortable, searching for a meaningful way… Continue reading Classic Fiction