Apollo 11 Moon Landing Windows

Since it was the 50th Anniversary of the Apollo Moon Landing on June last year, we created a couple of windows at the time, to celebrate this astounding achievement...We posted these all over Facebook, Instagram and Twitter but didn't chat about them in here, so let's put that right...this was one of our most memorable… Continue reading Apollo 11 Moon Landing Windows


AUTHOR EVENT:- ELISABETH GALVIN SATURDAY 6TH OCTOBER - 1-3 pm: THE SHEEN BOOKSHOP Do come and meet renowned author Elisabeth Galvin - she will be talking about her new biography of author E. Nesbitt, author of 'The Railway Children' at 1pm - The Sheen Bookshop. E.Nesbit is really Edith Nesbit, who wrote an extraordinary 98… Continue reading AUTHOR EVENT:- ELISABETH GALVIN


SPRING COMES TO KEW & SHEEN... With all this snow around at the moment, we thought we'd give the two shops a taste of Spring which will eventually arrive - so our Easter windows have gone in - here's the Kew window:- Some close-up details:- Here's the Sheen Bookshop window - a much bigger shop… Continue reading SPRING WINDOWS !!


"WATERMAN'S WITH WORDS" Mini Book Fest¬† Friday 15th September at 6 - 11pm We are delighted to be partnering the amazing Waterman's Arts Centre with their mini-book fest, as their official Booksellers, with signed copies of all books on sale in both the Kew Bookshop and the Sheen Bookshop. In an evening of many captivating… Continue reading WATERMAN’S WITH WORDS


HARRY POTTER 20TH ANNIVERSARY QUIZ !! COME AND CELEBRATE WITH US ON WEDNESDAY 9TH AUGUST at CANHAM RESTAURANT in Sheen Lane Whether you're a Muggle, a Witch, an Auror or a Wizard, come and join us for a fun-filled afternoon of magical questions, prizes and fancy dress, as we celebrate 20 years since Harry Potter… Continue reading HARRY POTTER 20TH ANNIVERSARY QUIZ !!