Saturday 8th April



Come and see the best photos from our successful Book Launch event on Saturday – we were host to more than 60 people who came and helped author Claire Evans launch her debut novel ‘The Fourteenth Letter’ – an exciting Victorian murder mystery !! A good time was had by all, especially Claire, who was simply thrilled that so many people came, including many local people from the Sheen area !


As this was only our second book launch event, we were interested to see how many people could comfortably stand in The Sheen Bookshop, now that we’ve moved some of the furniture around a little, without being in major danger of wine spillage or suffocation, and it appears that 60 people can be pretty comfortably accomodated without too much worry !!


Claire gave us a great little speech about how tricky it was getting published for the first time, and her publisher Ella, from little Brown Books was in attendance too, to give her support. Here are Ella, on the left, and Claire, with Adam and I, on the right after the party ended.


Here are some of the best photos from this event, and you can see how many people came, without it being too crowded :-

Do visit our Facebook page to see these photos in more detail, with comments etc:-

Claire Evans Event

Monday 3rd April


We’ve installed our pretty Easter windows at both shops this weekend, and they both look great, with a fun Bunny & Easter Egg design :-


20170401_132324_Burst01An all-white frieze of hares running and leaping over zig-zag easter eggs, and clumps of grass with bunnies and eggs grouped all along the window base –  what fun !!

Inside the window, we have all kinds of Eastery reads, for both adults and children of course…




Also we have featured our book launch event in the left hand side of the adult’s window – the acclaimed debut novel by Claire Evans – ‘The Fourteenth Letter’, which we will be launching this Saturday, 8th April at 6.30pm.

This will be a free event with wine, so do come and see your lovely local bookshop and all the exciting changes we have been doing inside, to make it much more interesting – and cheerful and welcoming !!

The changes are not too drastic actually, but just little additions to the furnishings for the children’s area, new white title headers for the bookcases, and various alterations to the layout and running order of the books, which we think make much more sense now, as you look around.

We have also created a dedicated stationery area at the front of the shop on your right as you come in, so now, all our beautiful stationery and cards are all together in one place.

Do tell us what you think when you visit !!


Over at The Kew Bookshop, for the Easter window display, we have about twice as much window run length to fill up, even though it’s a much smaller shop inside, so a few more running hares were called for and quite a few extra zig-zag easter eggs too…here’s the whole frontage:-


Here are the detailed photos:-


Here, the lovely girls at Kew have already decorated the Children’s window with delightful yellow origami daffs and cut-out bunnies , which look great, and they enhance the Eastery feeling of the window frieze on the glass beautifully !!

So, if you are planning a trip out to Kew Gardens over the Easter weekend, we’re just outside the Kew Gardens Tube station on the right – do come on in and have a look around !!

Thursday 16th March 2017


Today I accompanied Adam on his third day at the annual London Book Fair at Olympia – the biggest book-trade show outside Frankfurt, with all the best publishers of books, and other related goodies, showing their wares for the coming season.

London Book Fair 01

Olympia is such a grand hall, and such a huge space that you get a brilliant over-view from the gallery upstairs.

London Book Fair 02

We were accompanied by our good friend and Right Hand Man, Russ, who took our photo against the gallery rail !!

London Book Fair 03

Russ and I looked around all the stands getting a really good feel for the trade, while Adam attended practically back to back meetings with various reps and publishing houses.

I did accompany him to one of these meetings to look at books on various crafts and hobbies, with an eye for sewing-type books that might well go down well in our lovely local Sheen Bookshop –  lots of beautiful books with lots of interesting crafty projects – beading, knitting, jewellery-making, sewing clothes and toys for your kiddies, and even your first steps in water-colour painting – all marvellous stuff, so look out, Ladies of East Sheen, for our new crafty section coming soon !!

We also found lots of beautiful coffee-table books with stunning photography, and various cookery books that would be great Christmas gifts nearer the time.

An exhausting day – walking, talking, walking – but ending up with a lovely drink or three in the nearest pub with the lovely ladies from Pimpernel Publishing !!

Saturday 11th March 2017


Today we created a small but beautiful little window display to promote this marvellous new cookery book:-

P1070693 We really like this beautiful cookbook – the recipes are all interesting versions of genuine traditional British recipes using the home-grown veg and fruit – wonderful ideas for all you foodie gardeners out there !!

Grreat Dixter is one of our gorgeous old estates – a wonderful house and garden to visit. Adam got to go and see it at the launch of this book, and he found it to be a fascinating and rewarding trip to an absolutely beautiful house and garden. Here is a link to their website:-

Great Dixter House & Garden

The Great Dixter Cookbook features seventy simple and delicious seasonal recipes from the kitchen garden at Great Dixter, the historic house and garden located on the borders of Kent and Sussex. Dishes included range from English classics such as chicken and leek pie, apple crumble, and beetroot chutney, to contemporary recipes like crispy kale with sea salt and shakshuka.

Great Dixter was home to the revered and highly influential gardener and writer, Christopher Lloyd, and a number of this book’s recipes have been taken from the Lloyd family’s personal kitchen notebooks. With growing guides to more than twenty varieties of vegetables and fruit to accompany the recipes, this practical, accessible book enriches the kitchens and lives of home cooks and gardeners worldwide.

Here’s the picture of the house that they sent us for our window:



Originally from New Zealand and trained at Kew Gardens, Aaron Bertelsen first came to Great Dixter in 1996 as a student and he has worked there as the vegetable gardener and cook since 2007.

Incidentally, all royalties from the book will be donated by the author to the Great Dixter Charitable Trust.

“The Great Dixter Cookbook” by Aaron Bertelsen
Published by Phaidon
Hardback – £24.95

Thursday 2nd March 2017


We had a fabulous signing event at Queen’s School this week, with the lovely Cressida Cowell in attendance to sign her books:- 20170301_151446

Here’s Weinay, our amazing School’s Event expert from the Kew Bookshop, keeping everything under control:-


Lots of lovely books for the kids:-


She’s very popular – here she is with our good friend Russ, who helped out:-


Cressida’s fantastic books can be seen in abundance in our latest Children’s window display – come and have a look !! :-


It was World Book Day this week too of course, and we have our fabulous little World Book Day Tote bags to carry your Cressida Cowell book home in !!


Saturday 18th Feb. 2017



The Russian Revolution was actually a pair of revolutions in Imperial Russia in 1917, which dismantled the Tsarist aristocracy and led to the eventual rise of the Soviet Union. The Russian Empire collapsed after the first part of the Revolution, with the abdication of Tsar Nicholas II, and the old regime was replaced temporarily by a provisional government – this all happened from 22rd February – 3rd April 1917 using the old Julian calendar, in use at the time. These dates equate roughly to 8th March – 16th March in our current Gregorian calendar.
This window is commemorating the overthrow of the old Imperial order and the establishment of a new Communist State – but the Russian Revolution went on a lot longer than this of course – the second part was in October, when the Provisional Government was removed and replaced with a Communist State. In the October Revolution (November in the new Gregorian calendar), the Bolsheviks led by Vladimir Lenin, and the workers’ Soviets overthrew the Provisional Government in Petrograd and established the Russian SFSR, eventually shifting the capital from Petrograd to Moscow in 1918.

march-8thWe decided to create a window scheme to commemorate the centenary of this momentous event in world history, as these events of a hundred years ago have had far reaching consequences for the rest of the world ever since.

Here in The Sheen Bookshop, our window strapline shows the modern dates of the first part of this revolution, and for all you historians out there, the reason for choosing these dates is because this is the time of the biggest change of all in the Russian way of life – from an Imperial Aristocratic class system, under which most of the Russian people were starving, to the Communist State where the promise of “Peace, Bread & Land” was the rallying cry. The Russian text down at the bottom of the glass is this very slogan !!

There will be so many books being published this year, from February until at least the end of November (ready for the Christmas market) all commemorating the centenary, and revisiting the events, looking at history with fresh eyes. There will be numerous books about Russian culture – Music and  and Art – and numerous re-publications of the Russian Literature classics.



SIX RUSSIAN CLASSICS – Special Editions published by Vintage (£12.99 each) :-

Probably the most notable of these are the six gorgeous paperback editions of some of the most famous novels from Russian literature, published by Vintage. They have been featured in our Sheen Bookshop and Kew bookshop windows as a set of six – and at £12.99 each, we think they are a brilliant buy. See the photo below where they are set out as a group on the right hand side of the window. Here’s the link to the Vintage website where they give you a little guide to these gorgeous classics:-

Russian Classics



We also had some fabulous graphics printed from the original Revolution posters of the day – here are the posters we used in both windows:-


For those of you interested in Russian Revolutionary graphic art & design, here are the posters we used:-

Aren’t these fabulous !! Striking red, black and white graphics, the dramatic look of which are echoed in most of the book covers used in the window. Even the Vintage classics use the same colour scheme, even though they are much less revolutionary in their nature.

Inside both shops, our lovely staff have created special central tables with all these books collected together. This is the amazing stand in the Sheen Bookshop:


And in the Kew Bookshop, we hung one of the posters over the display from the lighting track:-


We hope you enjoy our windows and interior display stands at The Sheen Bookshop and The Kew Bookshop, and are inspired to learn a bit about this momentous event in World History !!

(Wendy Hewson – Hewson Book Ltd)

Thursday 9th Feb. 2017


16603144_1415386745160880_9176161064985591672_nWe are hosting  a new book release this evening at The Sheen Bookshop at 375 Upper Richmond Road.

The book is “Chutzpah & Chutzpah” and it’s all about the goings on behind the scenes at advertising agency Saatchi & Saatchi.

Co-Author Simon Goode is here with our guests:-



Simon is a co-author of this book, along with Nick Darke and Richard Myers, and we’re happy to toast their new book this evening along with some guests !!

Hmmm – there appears to be several bottles of the good stuff on the till…

About this book:-

“With over 200 astonishing first-hand accounts from the people who were really there, this is a fascinating insight into a remarkable success story and an unorthodox business.

Responsible for generating some of the most memorable and groundbreaking advertising of the last fifty years, Saatchi & Saatchi became infamous in their own right. Made up of maverick thinkers and ingenious talent, they broke rules and won big pitches, attracting the business of some of the world’s most successful companies.

For the first time, the extraordinary story of Saatchi & Saatchi’s meteoric rise is told by those instrumental in its success – creatives, account handlers, PAs and directors – each with their own fascinating stories to tell.”

  • Hardcover: 208 pages
  • Publisher: Michael O’Mara (2 Feb. 2017)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 1782436588
  • ISBN-13: 978-1782436584

(Wendy Hewson – Hewson Books Ltd)

Sunday 5th Feb 2017



Here at Hewson Books, we thought about our Valentine’s Day window-scheme extra carefully, as it’s the first real Calendar-date window display we have devised for our two bookshops at Kew and East Sheen.

Hearts were a definite of course, and the strapline we came up with reflects the fact that Romance is a valid genre of Fiction and popular with customers in both places – and why not buy your loved one a romantic novel or maybe a book or love poems rather than, (or as well as) chocs and champagne ?


I have devised this design for both Kew and Sheen bookshops. Here I am installing the vinyl design on the window at Kew Bookshop after work last Tuesday evening. Sheen Bookshop has had its window installed yesterday and they both look great !!


We have also included many suitable and relevant titles inside the window space and a small arrangement of our new and exciting ranges of stationery – beautiful gift bags, wrapping paper and of course, gorgeous Valentine’s Day Cards !!


So do come and pay us a visit – whichever shop is nearest to you – as we have a great range of Valentine’s Day books and book-related gifts and stationery.

(Wendy Hewson – Hewson Books)

Sunday 1st Jan. 2017



We have been decorating – here’s the Kew Bookshop till area all shrouded in plastic sheeting ready for its new coat of ceiling paint, and the window space all stripped out ready  for the ceiling to be painted :-


All the bookcases with our valuable stock shrouded in clear plastic:-


Cutting in around the edges of the ceiling and all the spotlight tracks:-


Half-way through the first coat and the difference is already apparent:-


Here’s my sister Jane who kindly volunteered to help out the day after Boxing Day, painting the window space ceiling. Here she is too with our good friend Russ, who also kindly volunteered, in a race to the finish :-


Looking great – the back office area got all cleared out ready for its spruce up too – here’s before and after:-


Every single little thing in that Office had to be put somewhere – all over the shop-floor –  what a mess !! Still, when it was all put back, it was a little more organised:-


Here we are then – all refreshed and clean, with a white ceiling and a white door to the back office – and a new clock !! Thanks Russ…



If you’re a regular customer at the Kew Bookshop, we’d love you to pop in and have a look – come and meet the usual friendly staff who stayed with us, and perhaps meet one of us too !!

Sunday 1st Jan 2017



We have just come through the busy Christmas period at the Kew & Sheen Bookshops, and since we only took over these lovely shops at the beginning of December, we didn’t have much time to do anything in the way of changing anything, except top up the stock levels a little, before getting inundated with customers buying their Christmas shopping.

We did do a bit of much needed christmas decorationg in the window, with pink and purple baubles hanging down across the tops of the window bays – these were literally what we had spare in our loft !! They looked pretty though, and we matched the colours with christmas parcels everywhere, wrapped in our stock wrapping paper for Christmas, of course – especially in the children’s window.


We introduced a rather glorious Poinsettia on top of the front bookcase to Christmas things up a little !! (Our other bookshop over in Kew got a similar treatment, but with teal blue baubles to match the decor, and white origami stars.)


After Christmas  we decided to give The Kew Bookshop a bit of a refresh with a coat of new paint on the ceiling, and a bit or reorganisation out the back, much to the delight of everyone working there !!

Next thing was to give the Sheen Bookshop a bit of a spruce up too, although it has to be said that Sheen Bookshop is in pretty good shape, decoration-wise, with nice plain wood bookcases and floor. There is a nice central skylight in Sheen about half-way down the shop, which lets a good deal of natural light in, but the actual skylight was very grimed over with years of dust, and natural growth, probably a bit of mould in there too somewhere- it’s a difficult thing to clean, but Adam and our good friend Russ decided it would be interesting to see how much of a difference it made to the light in the shop.

At the back of the shop are another two smaller skylights which were just as silted up., so it was decided to have a go at them too. Here they are, before, from outside on the roof :-


Here are a couple of before and after photos to give you an idea how much brighter they look now from inside the shop:-

BEFORE                                                                              AFTER


From the outside it’s even more spectacular:-


Here’s Adam after all his hard work – yes, meet the new owner of The Sheen Bookshop !!


To all our regular customers at Sheen, we at the Sheen Bookshop wish you all a Happy New Year and we hope to see you giving our latest titles the once over !!