Apollo 11 Moon Landing Windows

Since it was the 50th Anniversary of the Apollo Moon Landing on June last year, we created a couple of windows at the time, to celebrate this astounding achievement…We posted these all over Facebook, Instagram and Twitter but didn’t chat about them in here, so let’s put that right…this was one of our most memorable windows from last year.

Here is the finished window – first of all, we decided to create a couple of Saturn V rockets, one for each shop (these were made in our conservatory at home, using three stacking cardboard tubes, lots of white paint, black and red vinyl lettering, and some straws for the tiny cage & nose-cone at the top – this is where the astronauts travelled. The rest was rocket fuel !!)

Then we acquired a couple of Moon decals for the top corner of the window…

Saturn V - Kew 01

Then we added some vinyl strap-lines for the glass, and lots of Apollo, Moon and astronomy-themed books, of course…

Saturn V - Kew 02

…and an all-American flag for the finishing touch.

A very satisfying window to create and install – kept the local kids enthralled all afternoon !!