We are very excited to be hosting the inimitable Pete Townshend for a signing of his new novel ‘The Age of Anxiety‘ on November 12th at 1pm. Published by Coronet on 5th November, this is Pete’s fourth book…

Writing on his Instagram page @yaggerdang, Pete comments:-

“This novel was written to provide the base for a solid libretto for an opera-art-installation I regard as perhaps my last major solo work. The libretto is complete. The music is composed. The video artists and installation artists are in position. I’m hoping 2021 and 2022 will see me get to realize this project at last.

The author is a rock musician, and there are some characters who are in bands, but it is also a mystery story, and a story about drug abuse, being a parent, creativity, anxiety, being blocked as an artist, and the psychic miracles worked by certain women in the story. Believe it or not (and I doubt you will) this is not autobiographical. I’ve done that. But the story is set very much in my world, my work, my neighbourhood, and is inspired by my people.”

The wonderful cover is the work of artist Luis Toledo from Madrid – he gave Pete three choices, all of which were stunning. I love it…

(Cover of novel artwork by Luis Toledo and Photo by Terry McGough)