Wellcome Book Awards

WELLCOME BOOK AWARDS: The ‘Incurably Curious’ Window Display


Wellcome 01

We are delighted to be supporting the amazing Wellcome Book Awards for Best Science Books of the Year 2018 – all six shortlisted finalists are featured in our window along with various sciency bits and bobs – microscope, telescope, globe, large fossils, molecular models, etc, etc…  even a stethoscope has found its way onto our Yellow Pyramid of Knowledge !!

Come and see how we put this window together and what it entailed.

  1. Get your delivery of cardboard boxes and paint them in three shades of yellow:-

Wellcome 09

Wellcome 10

2. Get the household cat to help- because clearly we’re doing it all wrong !! :-

Wellcome 08

3. Decide to make a Hydraulic Arm model that would enhance this window beautifully – lay out all the pieces and get ready to create…

Wellcome 13

4. Experiment with the layout of various sciency bits and pieces – check they’ll fit the tops of the boxes.

Wellcome 10a

5. Take everything round to the Kew Bookshop and install in the cleared out window-space: First the unpainted boxes, laid out to create the triangular footprint, get carefully taped together to give the whole structure stability and strength.


Wellcome 11a

6. Next, the yellow boxes get piled up in place to form the pyramid:-

Wellcome 12

7. When the pyramid is finished, everything gets put into place on the flat top surfaces, intersperseed with the books and the poster, to create an interesting display which will hopefully grab the eye of the average passer-by !!


The blue Marketing posters get put onto the back wall along with sets of five yellow Wellcome bookmarks stuck together and mounted on the walls each side of the pyramid.

We hope you like this as much as we enjoyed creating it.